Lies Liars Believe – The Actor

The PROBLEM and 4 relationship mistakes destroy you and your relationships. The lies liars believe demand the behavior of the ACTOR relationship mistake; you play a role, perform, aren't a real person! What drives your need to deceive? You don't believe the REAL you is acceptable to others. That wrong thinking puts you into a world of deception, lies, and wearing a mask to perform for others.

The Problem of Deceit

Deceit and lying are most often selfishness, making it all about “ME!” You do that to maintain control and protect yourself. It is also a defense against perceived pain. But what's the pain? Others will learn something about me that I don't want them to know. That leads to the lies liars believe.

Lies Liars Believe - The Actor

...but speaking the truth in love, may grow up in all things into Him who is the head - Christ -- Ephesians 4:15

Therefore, you use the Actor relationship mistake and try to control what others know about you. It is a game of hiding and others seeking you, but you never let them find you. 

As an Actor, you can't let people know how you really feel or think. It's much easier to tell others what they want to hear or entertain them so they don't see the real you. Real issues that you struggle with are not a topic of any conversation. That can expose who you really are! That behavior is not acceptable.

And, if someone gets close to seeing behind your "mask," you become what they want. That means you change your mask. It's time to start acting in another role or as another character.

Two Lies Liars Believe

"I'm not worthy" - When you make the Actor relationship mistake, you fear people knowing the real you. If they really knew you, they would not accept or love you. So, you develop a persona that is more deserving of love and respect.

As a deceiver, you constantly look for clues from others on how to bring you the most appreciation, adoration, and acceptance. While that is primarily natural for anyone, it creates a big problem when deception is the motivation.

And actors are exceptionally good at figuring out what others want.  When you figure it out, like a chameleon, you change colors to blend in with those wants. If that "color" or character is not attractive enough, you invent a new image more likely to be accepted.

It is a major, tiresome challenge to maintain the deception. It is even more tiring as you strive to "enhance" the deception for even more acceptance. No wonder you experience freedom and rest when you become REAL and drop the Actor relationship mistake!

Of course, that only happens when truth becomes more important than the lies liars believe!

"I will be rejected" - While this is a similar lie, it primarily shows up when you do something improper or fail to meet expectations. Immediately, you see rejection looming if found out—so you deceive to protect yourself.

As a result, you develop and depend on a foundation of excuses. And good Actors are excellent defenders of their excuses - at almost any cost. You spend the energy to maintain the deception because failure equals rejection - the opposite of what you crave - ACCEPTANCE. So, if you fail in a moment of weakness - you see only one option - LIE - to avoid the pain of rejection.

The Worst Lie Liars Believe

A paradox in being a liar is that you must lie to yourself. Of course, you know you are lying, so to convince yourself the lie must be true, it needs to be simple and easily repeatable.

When the Holy Spirit convicts you of the lie, you restate it as if it negates reality. If repetition fails, you remind yourself of the perceived pain of the truth as a liar.

That leads you to the biggest and worst lie a liar believes -

Unconditional love is not something God or others actually provide.

Is Unconditional a Possibility?

As you make the Actor relationship mistake, you believe it simply cannot be true that no matter your behavior, someone can still accept, care, value, love, and respect you. Unconditional love goes against all the energy that a deceiver invests in deceiving themselves and others; It also negates the lies liars believe.

Understanding unconditional love to be valid requires admitting you are wrong when you deceive. In essence, you acknowledge that deception and the lies liars believe are bad investments. If your whole identity depends on deceiving others, then letting the investment go is difficult.

The illusion that you are in control is lost in the face of Unconditional Love. The reality that the sin of deception is actually in control now confronts you. So, you have a significant decision - continue the Actor relationship mistake or believe in Unconditional Love. 

When you accept unconditional love is real, God redeems and resurrects the years you invested in deception and uses them for your good (Romans 8:28).

Start, Don't Stop!

Finally, if you want to transition to reality, don’t stop investing in deception; start investing in the truth, being vulnerable, and accepting unconditional love. That can be VERY SCARY when you have a BIG investment in the Actor relationship mistake. But that is the solution to removing the lies liars believe!

(David Curtis is the author of this post. He is a facilitator of the GR8 Relationships material and created "Introduction to GR8 Relationships", a condensed version focused on the Problem and Solution. That version is taught in Africa, where God's model for relationships has influenced thousands of pastors and other believers. His insights about the Actor mistake are a valuable addition to GR8 Relationships.)

...but speaking the truth in love, may grow up in all things into Him who is the head - Christ - -Ephesians 4:15

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