Frequently Asked Questions


What makes GR8 Relationships different from other relationship or marriage courses?

We do not know all other relationship courses, so we cannot provide a complete distinction. Here are a few items to consider.

  1. We teach that there is only one PROBLEM and one SOLUTION. There is nothing complex to know to have GR8 relationships. You do not need specialized knowledge to have GR8 relationships. We applaud the desires of counselors or psychologists to help people have relationships, but do not accept the myth that you cannot have a GR8 relationship unless you take the time to study what they know. God told us how to do relationships – we don’t listen and make it complex by trying to do it our way.
  2. We teach that GR8 relationships only happen when we, by God’s grace, choose to pursue their best; patiently, kindly, sacrificially and unconditionally – not expecting anything in return. Return on Investment (ROI) relationships prevent GR8 relationships.
  3. We teach love is a decision, NOT an emotion. Love is not something you “fall into” or “fall out of.” It is a Godly decision to “pursue their BEST; patiently, kindly, sacrificially and unconditionally.”
  4. We teach that you put all your emotions into feeling good about whether you are doing what God asks of you, not whether the other person is meeting your desires, needs, or demands.
  5. We not only teach how men and women are designed but also the judgments in Genesis 3 that impact every man and woman that have lived, live now, or will live in the future. Those judgments impact the designs of men and women.
  6. We teach that men and women are designed in God's image and why that is so important, especially for marriage, but also how it impacts business and every other relationship.
  7. We teach that confession and forgiveness are the two critical tools you need for GR8 relationships. Those two tools need to be understood and correctly applied. When you know and use them correctly, relationships blossom.
  8. We teach that understanding how your feelings and freedom work are two additional tools that help relationships. Control makes demands on others and requires them to meet your expectations which cripples relationships. We also teach that your thinking drives your emotions and actions. If you do not understand or use those additional tools, you will have difficulty applying the two most critical tools.

What is the Purpose of GR8 Relationships?

Encouraging the BEST relationships in work, in life, in love

GR8 Relationships is a program of biblically based insights about our relationships with one another and, most importantly, with God and how to glorify Him in our relationships. It is not a program of therapy.

Does GR8 Relationships have a doctrinal statement?

We do not, but we base all our principles on a reading of the Bible as God’s love letter to us.

How do I support the ministry?

Click here to DONATE or click the Donate button in the menu on any page.

What credentials do the principals have?

Hermann is a Leadership Coach, Life Coach and Business Coach. He has his own business consulting firm called GR8 Solutions Group. Formerly, he held a variety of executive positions with a large oil and gas company.

Louie is a housewife and enjoys working with children and animals. While not a professional interior designer or decorator, she could be. She has enjoys everything about horses and riding, including the hours of work and cleaning. For a while she even played some Polo. She has been a teacher and lecturer for women's ministries, but now primarily ministers one-on-one.

Hermann and Louie do not claim to be experts, especially not at relationships. They are simply sharing their years of experience learning about how God asked them to resolve their relationship difficulties. They have been married for 50+ years - have 3 children, 7 grandchildren and currently live in Midland, Texas.

Paul Moore is a student of life. For those who know him, he is a seeker of truth who frequently tends to be the object lesson of the very questions he asks. Paul has been many places and done many things; some of them even God honoring. By God's grace alone he has been delivered and experienced true freedom. He has chosen to live his life serving others so they might come to know the freedom offered only in Christ. Paul is still working on his Doctorate in Overcoming from the University of Hard-knocks.

How can I get someone to come speak to my Church or Civic Group? What does it cost?

Go to the Contact Us page and click on the button you are interested in. Or, send an email to the address shown on the Contact Us page.

Are you aligned with any denomination or organization?

No, we are a separate 501(c)(3) organization.

How do I contact GR8 Relationships?

Click here to go to the Contact Us page.

When does the radio show air? What station?

We no longer broadcast on AFR, but many shows and podcasts are available on the Podcasts page.

When does the TV show air? What station?

The show is on God's Learning Channel, which is primarily in West Texas and New Mexico. Each show is available on the Video page. 

Do you have a Facebook page?

Are you on Twitter?

We have been inactive on Twitter until recently. You can find us at


How will I or my spouse benefit from this?

If you want to see the benefits and features of the program, go here.

We strive to provide biblically based, authoritative relationship training that honors and glorifies God and helps you create superior relationships. By participating in our live workshops, online video course, or small group studies, we pray and hope that:

  • You will learn how to have REAL relationships without demands, control, or regrets
  • You will be inspired and equipped for relational excellence
  • You will receive Biblically-based teachings and insights, NOT well-meaning babble
  • You will enhance your ability to participate in and attract superior relationships

GR8 Relationships changes lives because the principles and insights are Proven, Practical, and Powerful.

Will GR8 Relationships fix my relationships?

GR8 Relationships cannot fix anything or anyone. That is a personal choice each person makes and change is only possible through the energy and inner working of the Holy Spirit in a person’s life. God gives us a choice to follow Him or not. His Word is the key. We either trust His Word and what He tells us or we don’t.

GR8 Relationships teaches biblical principles and how God’s Word will create the solution for any relationship problem. But just like God’s gift of salvation, you either receive it or you don’t.

If you are willing to apply the principles of GR8 Relationships, you will be doing what God asked you to do and how to relate to others. BUT, a relationship is dependent on both people practicing “pursuing the BEST for others; patiently, kindly, sacrificially and unconditionally”. That means you may be doing what is right and they aren’t. You will be honoring God and they may not, but you are only responsible for you and if you start depending on them to change, having expectations of them, then you will stop pursuing their BEST. Don’t make your relationships dependent on other people’s behavior.

Do I have to be in a relationship/marriage to benefit from this?

No. It will apply whether you are in a relationship or not because the most important element in doing relationships correctly is to learn how to stop Flashing your ME or stop being self-absorbed. That means you learn how to see your own bad behavior instead of focusing your attention and energy on looking for other people’s bad behavior.

And, you do not need to be in a relationship to “Pursue the BEST for others; patiently, kindly, sacrificially and unconditionally.” Of course, when you are in a relationship, it tests whether you really are doing that. It moves it from knowledge to application.

Would this help kids if they went through the course?

We have taught Junior High age and they understood and benefited from it.

Is this only for married couples?

No, it is for all relationships.

The same principles are used in our GR8 Leaders course that we do in business. It impacts every relationship you have.

Of course, marriage is the most important relationship apart from our relationship with the Lord, so we really need to learn how to apply the principles there.

Will this help me in a dating relationship or if I am single or at work?

Yes, absolutely. This material will help you in any relationship – in work, life, and love. It helps you see the one Problem and the one Solution to developing a Godly, superior relationship.

Would this information be good for premarital counseling?

Yes, we have used it often in our work with couples before marriage. The critical information would be Courses 01-8D. Go to the FREE Courses to see the information those courses cover.

It is important for couples moving into marriage to know how God designed men and women, how those designs are based on His image, how the judgments set marriage up for failure, what a REAL man and REAL woman look like, what the PROBLEM and 4 critical mistakes that cripple relationships are, why people are attracted to each other, how that attraction can be a problem after marriage, what the SOLUTION is, how the emotions work, how freedom is critical, and how the two most important tools of forgiveness and confession work.


How much does it cost?

We believe that freedom is the best option. So, all products are free, and if you get to benefit from the resources, we hope that you will click Donate in the menu and give an amount that God puts on your heart. There are specific items like the books in the Store that are not free. At some point in the future, we hope that those can also be free.

Can I purchase the study guide?

Yes. It is available here in the Store.

Can I get a hard copy of GR8 Definitions, Thoughts and Quotes? Are they available in print or in one concise audio format? How much?

We have not yet created a document that captures that information specifically. Please purchase either the Study Guide or the Servants Leading Servants - 15 Signs of a Real Servant Leader book which has most of the important information. The Servants Leading Servants book is a great option for you.

Can I purchase all or part of the videos? How much?

All video courses are FREE! Click here to go to the Video Courses page to choose the course you want to take. You can get a Study Guide to follow as you go through the courses which is not free.

Do you offer a volume or nonprofit discount?

Fortunately, no discount is needed since all courses are free. If you want a discount on the books please contact us.

How can I get a copy of the last program I just heard? How much?

Click Videos for TV Shows or Podcasts for radio shows and podcasts. All Podcasts, TV Shows, and Video Courses are FREE, or you can DONATE!


Can I watch videos in any order I want?

Yes, but it tends to work best to go in the sequence of the course numbers. Go to FREE Courses and check out the various courses and options.

Can I do the course alone or do I need a leader or facilitator?

You can do it alone. We created the Online Learning System to provide the opportunity for anyone to experience what God tells us about relationships.

Soon we will have questions for you to answer after each video to enhance the learning experience.

If you can get into a small group with a trained facilitator or leader that will certainly add depth to the learning.

How long does it take to go through the material?

Each video shows the length in minutes and seconds. Most videos are only about 5 minutes long. You do not need to allocate a lot of time to benefit from the material.

If you were only watching, not thinking about the content of each video, it would take approximately 50 hours to watch every video. The benefit of the course occurs as you think about the principles and content then, of course, apply what you learned.

A reasonable pace to consider would be 3 to 5 videos a week. If you used it for a Small Group study, you could aim for 3 to 5 videos each week. Assuming you took 10-15 minutes to discuss a video, you could fit this into a 60 to 90 minute meeting.

How long does the course take, if I go from start to finish?

This is more of a lifestyle than a course. We hope that you will find yourself going back to previous videos and listening again to get some clarification and find new ways to apply it.

Some people might get through the material in a month, others a year.

This is not about getting through the material, it is about learning the appropriate content, applying it then coming back for more. The videos are meant to be a reference more than a course.


How can I get access for my church?

Any individual can sign up, and you have access to all videos. With access to the internet, a group can watch videos together. Go to FREE Videos and select what would meet your needs.

If you have special requests, contact GR8 Relationships on the Contact Us page.

How do I become a facilitator of the GR8 Relationships material?

We are revising the Facilitator program. If you want to start working with a group, the easiest option is to form and group and watch the videos together. You can purchase the study guide or the books from the GR8 Relationships series. That will get you experience with the material and help others learn with you. Keep forming groups, and you will learn the material and serve others.

I like what you're doing; how may I help?

Spread the word on your social media to get more people to the videos online. The more people using the videos, the more people that can start thinking about relationships the way God wants, so we need everyone’s help.

Pray for the ministry to stay true to God’s Word. Pray for energy to help the thousands of struggling relationships. 

Pray for the various ministries using the material especially in Africa.

Donate as you have means, as long as it is not taking money away from your church giving.

How may I relate what this program has done for me?

If you want to give a testimonial, click here, and if you want to provide a review of a course or a more structured review, please click here

I want to comment/ respond/ talk live on the air about a question I have.

Currently, the programs are not live, but GR8 Relationships would love to hear your questions.

Please send your questions directly to [email protected] and make the subject “QUESTION.”


I would like to know Jesus

Please go immediately to this link on the EvanTell website ( Scroll down the page to watch a video or read the very clear presentation of the Gospel.

Once you have listened, please send an email to [email protected] and make the subject “SALVATION,” and tell us what you decided.

Will you pray with me?

Please send any prayer requests to [email protected] make the subject "PRAYER"

I need help soon!

Please go to the Contact Us page and either call or email us at [email protected] and make the subject “HELP SOON”

Can I schedule a personal appointment with you?

Go to the Contact Us page and select the Coaching/Consulting button or email [email protected] and make the subject "COACHING."


Where do I go if I want to know more about a topic?

Use the "Search" tool on any page, especially the Video Courses, Videos, Podcasts, and Blog. It will work for everything on the site. If you still have a question, send an email to [email protected] and make the subject “TOPIC”

In your email, specify any helpful details, and we will respond about where it is covered in the material or provide you with thoughts that might help.

How does GR8 relationships define a relationship? Love?

Please signup for Course 07A - The SOLUTION for Great Relationships and watch the videos.

Do you think relationships are complex or difficult?

No, and sign up for Course 01 - Overview and Personal Assessment, which has information on how we view relationships. And if you want more details, start with Course 05A - The PROBLEM and 4 Mistakes That Damage Relationships to learn more about the simple PROBLEM and then watch Course 07A - The SOLUTION for Great Relationships to learn more about the simple SOLUTION. 

I want to ask a specific question, how do I get an answer?

Please send an email to [email protected] and make the subject “QUESTION”

In your email, state your question as briefly as possible.

What’s your view on divorce and remarriage?

Please watch the videos in Course 11B - Surprising Biblical Insights covering divorce. Courses 11C and 11D cover information about divorce and blended families. If you would prefer to read, purchase the Servants Leading Servants book and read Chapter 13, "Servants Leading Servants Oppose Hard Hearts," and read the article in the Appendix titled "Divorce Is the Hard Hearted Option."

What’s your view on same-sex marriage?

God’s Word is our standard or “who said so,” which means we rely totally on the Bible as our measure for what is acceptable or not acceptable. We do not believe same-sex marriage meets God's standard for marriage, and His Word makes no provision for same-sex marriage. God's Word speaks against sexual relationships with the same sex, as you can read in Romans 1 and other passages.

Additionally, since God made man and woman in His image, marriage between a man and woman is the best representation of the image of God. Man with his testosterone represents the powerful elements of God, and woman with her estrogen-progesterone represents the relational elements of God. Check this out in course 02A - God's Design for Excellent Relationships, course 02B - The Foundation for Our Design, and course 02C - Reflecting and Distorting God's Image.

I am doing great/don’t need to change; how do I get my husband/wife to change?

Every relationship is a system between two people. That means you contribute to the difficulties of the relationship whether you see it or not. More importantly, God never asks us to change other people. He asks us to offer them truth, insights, and information, but their change is His job and their choice, not yours.

The more you try to change another person, the more they will rebel against it. It’s better to focus on your behavior, accept the other person for who they are, and continue to pursue their best; patiently, kindly, sacrificially, and unconditionally. Isn’t that how God deals with us? He accepts us where we are and continues to invite us to a better way to live. He never forces us to accept His perfect plan. Watch Course 05A to learn about the PROBLEM and 4 Mistakes, then watch Course 07A to learn the SOLUTION, and finally, watch Courses 08A, 08B, 08C, and 08D to see the four critical tools you need.

What do you offer to help my spouse listen to the material with me?

Invite them to participate with you; if they do, don’t use the time to point out what they are doing wrong. Use the time to work on yourself to become a better spouse.

If they won’t, don’t nag or make an issue of it. God has called you to love them where they are. The more you try to get them to watch, the more they will rebel against it. So, it is better to accept them where they are and still pursue their best; patiently, kindly, sacrificially, and unconditionally. Isn’t that how God deals with us, accepts us where we are, and continues to invite us to a better way to live? He never forces us to accept His perfect plan. Go to watch the videos in Course 05A - The PROBLEM and 4 Mistakes That Damage Relationships and Course 08A - Freedom and Choice Is an Amazing Lifestyle for more information.

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