GOOD People Up To No Good

Control-oriented people, which can be anyone, are often “good people up to no good.” I could be the poster child for a control person. It created severe damage in all my relationships.

Control is a problem because freedom is a thorny issue for most people. Practicing freedom is seldom easy but becomes easier once you see the benefits.

People want to be free and enjoy the idea of being free. We have an innate, built-in longing to be free, not be controlled. That freedom was a critical element in the original sin. Adam and Eve were free to choose what was terrible. Satan knew that and encouraged them to exercise their freedom irresponsibly and not be controlled by God. 

Although freedom is part of our DNA, and we long for it, freedom brings fear when you do not understand it. “Will I make the right choices since I am free? Will they make the right choices since (or when) they are free?”

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