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Hermann and Louie Eben

Scroll down to watch Hermann and Louie's video testimony - a great example of God's redeeming power in marriage.

Kids and Grandkids - 2010

Kids and grand kids a few years back

Hermann and Louie have 3 grown children and 7 grandchildren.

Louie has a passion for life, people and her horses - she decided to learn how to play polo and then got into working with horses in the last few years and is totally hooked. The barn type of environment is something that she has always enjoyed, but did not have the opportunity to experience - and now she does. 

Being a people magnet gives her an excellent opportunity to share her inward and outward beauty. She is a constant source of encouragement and enthusiasm with the people she comes in contact with.

Hermann & Louie Eben

She has ministered to kids and adults. Her ministry to elementary school children was through a program called Caraway Street involving "little people" (puppets) and actors. As an excellent adult Bible teacher, she has taught women's Bible study classes of more than 250 ladies. Currently she ministers with Hermann primarily in a small group setting and weekend seminars using the GR8 Relationships material.

Watch their testimony to see how God orchestrated and redeemed their bad decisions. God in His magnificent grace has restored Hermann and Louie's marriage and it has blossomed into the GR8 Relationships ministry.

Hermann has passion for leadership and coaching individuals and organizations. He has 40+ years of experience in Planning & Development, Project Management, Information Systems, Acquisition & Merger, Business Transformation, and Executve Management. He co-founded TrimTab Solutions in 1998 and created the GR8 Leaders CATALYST System to help people advance their career and life. 

Much of what is taught in GR8 Relationships is included in the GR8 Leaders material, so it is leadership taught from the Biblical perspective. Check out both GR8 Solutions Group and GR8 Leaders by clicking on the logos or links below!