Hermann and Louie Eben

Hermann and Louie

Hermann and Louie have 3 grown children and 7 grandchildren.

Louie has a passion for life, people, and her horses - she decided to learn how to play polo and then got into working with horses in the her early empty next years. She loves everything about being around the horses, even the hard work. The barn type of environment is something that she has always enjoyed, but did not have the opportunity to experience - and now she does. 

Being a people magnet gives her an excellent opportunity to share her inward and outward beauty. She is a constant source of encouragement and enthusiasm to the people she comes in contact with.

She has ministered to kids and adults. Her ministry to elementary school children was through the Caraway Street program involving "little people" (puppets) and actors. As an excellent adult Bible teacher, she has taught women's Bible study classes to more than 250 ladies. Currently, she ministers with Hermann primarily in a small group setting and weekend seminars using the GR8 Relationships material.

Hermann enjoys coaching leaders, people, and anyone willing to discuss life issues and how they can be seen through God's Word. He has 40+ years of experience in Planning & Development, Project Management, Information Systems, Acquisition & Merger, Business Transformation, and Executive Management. In 1998 he co-founded TrimTab Solutions (now GR8 Solutions Group). The company is dedicated to building superior cultures with great leaders. He developed the GR8 Leaders material to help create cultures that are engaged, serving, and self-governing. It helps develop high performance leaders with excellent values, focused execution, structured innovation, maximized strengths, and clear communication. All of the material and coaching utilizes simple principles that work. You can read more of his bio here.

Our Video Testimony

Watch the testimony to see how God orchestrated and redeemed their bad marriage and family decisions. God, in His magnificent grace, has restored Hermann and Louie's marriage. What they learned they share through this GR8 Relationships material.

Much of what is taught in GR8 Relationships is included in GR8 Leaders, so leadership is taught from the biblical servant leadership perspective. Check out his book Servants Leading Servants - 15 Signs of a REAL Servant Leader in the store and GR8 Solutions Group and GR8 Leaders by clicking below!

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