Do You Want Superior Relationships?

You can create and maintain superior relationships when you stop making life about yourself and start pursuing the best for others patiently, kindly, sacrificially, and unconditionally.

If you are willing to make a small investment of time daily or weekly, you can learn how to create, enjoy, and maintain relationships that WORK. This information gives you the best chance to have SIMPLE relationships - free of demands, control, or regrets.

You have access to a treasure room of information, principles, tools, and processes to enhance and upgrade your relationships. You have access to EVERYTHING that we have created...ALL OF IT, absolutely FREE.

Do You Want Superior Relationships?

Are You Just "Flying by the Seat of Your Pants?"

Are you just doing relationships based on a "wish or hope"?

Or do you have clear, proven information on how to make your relationships work?

Don't feel bad if you are just "flying by the seat of your pants." Most people do that. That is precisely what I was doing for most of my life, too. (I was worse because I thought I knew what was best!)

Many relationships may work okay for a while that way, but at some point, the relationship fails when you come to a situation where you and the other person are not seeing things the same way.

That contributed to the damage and pain I created for my marriage, family, and friends.

It took some real pain for me to wake up. (If you haven't yet watched our video testimony, do it, but not right now because you need this more.)

Going through that pain was difficult...

So I Decided To Learn How To Do Relationships Better

That was not an easy decision because relationships were not my priority. Doing things and getting results had been my priority.

So, I started with the basics that helped Louie (my wife) and I restore our marriage. Obviously, God was the reason for our marriage and relationship restoration, and His clear and straightforward tools made a big difference.

And, to make sure you hear this critical point...

...this information will help you with ALL relationships - at work, at home, and in life.

The more I learned about the simple tools God has given us and how He relates to us, the less complex relationships became for me. One of the things we often say is that "relationships are straightforward" when you apply the critical tools and principles that God has given to us.

Don't fall for the myth that relationships are complex - it's not true - the more you believe that lie, the worse your relationships will become.

Virtually every aspect of creating, enjoying, and maintaining fulfilling relationships has been assembled into the FREE Courses you can enjoy here on this site. Of course, we also have books, videos, and podcasts to help you. 

This material gives you excellent Godly insights like:

  • The PROBLEM that destroys any relationship and makes you believe relationships are complex
  • The SOLUTION for superior relationships
  • The designs of men and women - how much that will help relationships work
  • The differences between men and women and how they complement each other
  • The foundation for the designs of men and women - a universal principle to help you understand all relationships
  • What is involved in being a REAL man and a REAL woman - it's not what you think
  • The unknown judgments that hurt every man and woman who has lived, is living, or will live in the future
  • The critical mistakes that hurt and even destroy relationships - it's a short list that we all do
  • The actions and "path of least resistance" that becomes "autopilot" toward the PROBLEM
  • Details of the damage created by the PROBLEM and judgments for you and your children 
  • Details of the essential components of the SOLUTION - counter-intuitive stuff
  • Description, details, discussion, and application of the four most critical tools to help implement the SOLUTION
  • ...and much, much more.

The Result: Superior, Simple, Real Relationships

Louie and I have seen the results in our relationships, our relationships with our children, and our relationships with everyone.

Others who have used this material have experienced similar superior relationships. We surveyed people who have gone through some or all of the material. One key question we asked was...

"Would you recommend GR8 Relationships to others?"

The response was staggering! It wasn't a majority that said YES - it wasn't a supermajority that said YES - it wasn't even 90% that said YES...


said YES!

That was quite an endorsement. If you are wondering if it was actual research - YES - done by an independent market research firm. Based on their statements in the report...

"The average email open rate was 26%, 57 respondents completed the survey, and 26 shared additional anecdotal information...margin of error 12.14% with a confidence level of 95%. This means that we are 95% sure this group of respondents accurately represents the population as a whole..."



69% said that it is "somewhat different" or "very different" from other relationship material they have used.


49% expressed it had "significantly changed my understanding and approach to relationships."

Apply often

40% said they "think about what they learned through GR8 Relationships regularly and refer to the concepts in their experiences with others."

Not for me

0% responded to the choice "Not for me."

Not applicable

0% responded to the choice "Interesting but not applicable."

Unfortunately, few people enjoy superior relationships, but you can get started now. All of this material is entirely FREE! We want to help people learn the proven, practical, and powerful tools they need.

It's As Easy As Watch And Grow!

You can watch and learn in as little as 5 minutes.

Sign up, watch a video, and learn something to apply today in just a few minutes. You can even learn one valuable insight or principle on a coffee break. It's that simple and easy!

Proven - Practical - Powerful


  • STOP trying to change others.
  • STOP living in the past.
  • STOP wearing a mask and acting.
  • STOP trusting opinions and emotions.
  • STOP making everything "about ME."
  • START focusing on how God wants YOU to change.
  • START learning from the past, moving on.
  • START being a real person.
  • START living in truth and reality.
  • START pursuing their best patiently, kindly, sacrificially, and unconditionally.

You'll Get Immediate Access To:

32 Comprehensive Relationship Courses

You get comprehensive insights, facts, and proven, practical, and powerful research. It is straightforward, so anyone can use it - no special education is required.

Nearly 500 HD Quality Videos

100's of high-quality, engaging, and insight-filled videos to help you learn and stay focused on life-changing information for you and your relationships.

Clear Charts and Principles

Most are simple yet profound so that you can learn more concretely. Principles are provided in memorable short phrases and a number use acronyms for memory.

Course Certificate

You can even get a certificate to show that you have completed a course. What a great way to remind yourself of the time and energy you dedicated to your relationships.

A 244 Page, Comprehensive Study Guide

You get an "all meat," no fluff, outline format study guide for each course that you can download. Unfortunately, the study guide is not free. It is available in our store.

Short 3 to 8-Minute Videos

You can learn at your own pace because it is online, and each video is short enough to learn something, even while taking a short break. 

A Progress Monitor for Each Course

This not only shows you how much you have completed, but it also indicates which videos have been watched. You never have to keep track.

Worksheets, Tools, and Step-by-Step Processes

While principles are critical for broader applications, you also get worksheets, forms, and processes to help you get started. That allows you to apply your learning immediately. 

I hope that you start today!