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GR8 Relationships Study Guide (coil bound)

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This is the COIL Bound version of the Study Guide which is easier to use on a flat surface when studying or taking notes. You purchase it directly from the digital publisher Lulu.com who will print and ship the book to you. It is a full color, 8 1/2 by 11 inch coil bound book with glossy covers that contains all 12 courses arranged in 12 chapters. There are 232 pages of details in outline form that track directly with the videos for each course. If you have purchased or subscribed to any course, you will find the Study Guide helpful and easy to follow your videos. (The coil binding does not show in the picture.)

PROVEN: GR8 Relationships equips you to create REAL relationships without demands, control or regrets. You will learn THE problem and THE solution for relationships. That’s a powerful claim, but it is straight from God’s Word!

PRACTICAL: GR8 Relationships are straightforward, even simple! People believe the myth that relationships are complex, difficult to understand and seldom done correctly. That’s why we need so many psychologists and counselors, right? Actually, there is a simple problem and a simple solution.

POWERFUL: GR8 Relationships is solution oriented, providing you powerful insights to rethink how you relate to others. You will see the power of freedom, acting without force or manipulation toward others. That will add energy to your life. You will see the power of forgiveness, getting over the past and the control it and others have on you. And you will see the power of love, pursuing the best for others, patiently, kindly, sacrificially and unconditionally.