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Are you tired of feeling like relationships are too complex or out of control? We understand the struggle and are here to debunk the myth.

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Relationships don't have to be complicated!

But we all know there is a problem.

God's Design

God designed men and women to have excellent relationships.

Sin's Damage

But sin introduced the PROBLEM, which damages and destroys relationships.

Our Decisions

For fulfilling relationships, you have some critical decisions to make.

At GR8 Relationships, we believe:

Everyone can have fulfilling and meaningful relationships, and God has provided the model for how to make relationships work.

With our free courses, videos, podcasts, and blogs, we're here to guide you on a transformative journey, providing you with the tools and insights you need to create, enjoy, and maintain excellent relationships.

What Others Are Saying

Deep Understanding about Relationships

GR8 Relationships is great because it helps to have deep understanding about God and of His word regarding relationships with Him and with your neighbors "…godliness has value for all things." (1 TI 8:4). This teaching is sound and gives me every time confidence in any situation – yes, there is God and He can fix the most irreparable relationships. And all you have to do is to "…be strong and courageous!" (JOS 1:6-)

Sergey S

Professional or Personal

Regardless of age, or the nature of the professional or personal issues you may be seeking to improve, GR8 Relationships equips you with the tools and strategies to transform and enrich all relationships.

Stacy G , Managing Partner

Changing for the better

I have become more self aware and able to change, for the better, how I see and interact with those around me.

Kendra V

Advice and Tools for Difficult Relationships

You have given us wise counsel and good advice from our few meetings and we’ve learned tools in dealing with difficult relationships.

Randee R

Notice my Flashing ME!

I have learned to notice when my Flashing ME is showing and how it impacts interactions with friends&family and in business relationships. This helps me to focus more on the other person and working with them in a way that they need and helps them most

Ann L

Transforms and Enriches Relationships

GR8 Relationships equips you with the tools and strategies to transform and enrich all relationships.

Stacy G , Managing Partner

Helps me navigate reality

GR8 relationships enables me to navigate in reality about who I am and who God is in a moment by moment internal conversation with my thoughts.

Ron M


I find it enlightening and freeing!

Stacy G , Managing Partner

Multitude of Insights and Practical

My wife and I have gone through GR8 Relationships a number of times over the years and each time come away with a multitude of insights and practical things that have helped us communicate better, give more grace to one another, and practice living in relationship as God designed. We learned that God's way is always perfect, it brings maximum freedom and flourishing for our marriage. Of course these principles apply to all relationships but we have gained the most value from applying to our marriage.

Brant G

Turning Point in My Life

"One who is full loathes honey, but to one who is hungry everything bitter is sweet" (Proverbs 27:7, ESV).

We live in a post-modern world where people will pay anything to be pampered and cozied. Hermann's teachings do exactly the opposite of that. They are bitter, offensive, mind-boggling so many times. But I have always believed that if I'm diving into the Word of God and not being offended or having my mind boggled something is wrong with me. God's truths in Hermann's materials cuts before they heal, which I believe is exactly how it should be. GR8 Relationships has been a turning point in my life. And for that I am eternally grateful!

Healing and Growth

The course helped me to heal and grow in ways I didn’t think were possible.

Kendra V

Helpful Insight

Amazing perspective, and very helpful insight.

Jay A

Endorsement for GR8 Relationships Book Series

As always, the material is so insightful and once I started reading How Did This Happen to Me and What Happened to Us, I couldn't put them down until I finished. Having had the honor to complete the GR8 Relationships videos, I can see how the books would get you hooked and leave you wanting to dive deeper into the GR8 Relationships concepts.

Hermann is the salt of the Earth and his wisdom and willingness to be a vessel for the Lord's work has been life changing for me. The books show that God can turn something negative into something good for His Kingdom. Hermann and Louie are examples of the ripple effect of what their understanding and commitment to freedom can bring. They are transparent and truly live out their solution to pursuing the best for others patiently, kindly, sacrificially, and unconditionally.

Latisha H

Positive Impact on My Relationships

I can wholeheartedly attest to the positive impact they have had on my life and relationships.

Stacy G , Managing Partner

So good...should be in schools

I know the materials that Hermann uses, and they are great. I have been reading his messages for many years, and I recommend them to our staff. This material is so good it should be a part of every school curriculum.

Bill B

Freedom and Recognizing my Flashing ME

There have been two specific changes that have been improving my relationships: 1) understanding that people are free to make their own choices and suspending judgment even if I don't agree with their choices; 2) recognizing more often when "ME" is flashing and shifting to "what is best for others."

Patricia M

Starting Over

My wife and I visited with Hermann some time ago. I don't remember the date, I'm thinking sometime in 2021. He gave us a workbook for the course. I went home and purchased another workbook and purchased the course. We were working on the course off and on, and then quit at the end of 2022. When I attempted to sign in a couple of weeks ago, the website, had no record of me. We were probably halfway through the course. Now, I have registered and am starting the course over. I have been receiving The Morning Nudge the whole time. We watch that everyday. I have gleaned a lot of helpful information out of the course. Our circumstances have changed and that will allow us to devote more time to using the course.

Thank you very much!

God has provided me truth

God has provided me truth through GR8 relationships, applying that truth and humbly becoming a life long learner through the practical and sometimes difficult application! Praise God for Hermann and his ministry!

Ron M

Extremely Helpful

This program is awesome!! It has been extremely helpful as a husband a father. God bless Herman, all those who assist him and those who participate in the program!

Sean D

Reduced Frustration

I have been privileged to take several in-person GR8 Relationship courses led by Hermann Eben. Until then I had often experienced disappointment, frustration, rejection, and other negative feelings in my relationships.

Patricia M

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