REAL Women Believe God’s Word

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REAL women believe God's Word as their foundation for everything in life. Remember that the Titus 2:1-8 passage is about sound doctrine. For women (and most likely men too), God specifically asks that you pay attention to what a REAL Woman is because it directly impacts His Word "…that the word of God may not be maligned." – Titus 2:5

Participate with God 

This is an outstanding opportunity for women to participate with God! If you do what He asks here in Titus 2 – live your life as He asks – you are not maligning or blaspheming His Word. When you do not have those character traits or actions in your life – you are maligning God’s Word, saying that God’s Word is not valid or at least flawed! 

I believe God says, “Your life as a REAL Woman shows My Word to be true; otherwise, you blaspheme it.” REAL women believe God's Word and apply it to their life, and, in turn, they are a blessing to those around them.

God is so amazing, and how different He made men and women is beautiful. It is clearly shown to be true in scripture and vital to any relationship with the opposite sex, especially in marriage. This is another way to understand God’s reason for the roles and responsibilities of men and women.  It demonstrates God’s intricate design and order by establishing man's role as head and confirming the importance of the complementary nature of men and women.


Finally, it gives the total picture of oneness by demonstrating that Power and Belonging are most effective when used together.

  • Men and women are created for specific roles and purposes
  • Men's and women’s primary hormone differences support the different designs and roles created by God
  • Focusing on being a Godly man or woman, living in our design, creates a Path of Least Resistance of actions in line with our design


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REAL Men Are Powerful

REAL Men Are Powerful
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