REAL Men Are Rare!

Culture is drowning in confusion about men and women. What is a REAL man or REAL woman? Real men are rare, and so are real women.

Satan has no desire to find the answer in God's Word because culture would never consider God's Word as the "Who said so".

Would you agree that the world, especially the Western culture, is being force fed gender confusion? What is a man or woman? Is there such a thing as a real man or real woman? How would you teach that to a child or anyone searching for an answer?

Pseudo-intellectuals consistently promote that there is no difference between men and women, except for some body parts. Or you can ignore the body parts and just “identify” what you are.

The desire to neutralize or eliminate the gender distinctions and differences that God has hardwired into human beings (Genesis 1:26–27) is blatant and constant.

Unfortunately, many churches accept the world’s philosophy adding to the gender confusion. Practicing homosexuals are now ordained as church leaders. Divorced ministers continue in their position after breaking their marriage covenant. Women (married, divorced, single, heterosexual, lesbian) flock to seminaries and fill pulpits declaring liberation from “oppressive” writings of the Bible. Even in more conservative churches or groups, women aspire and even demand positions over men in Sunday Schools, Bible studies, and local church worship services.

The confusion is a work of Satan to distort God’s creation. It is effective because the lies are promoted through what is good and ride on the back of truth and good values. It is like mixing poison with a healthy meal.

Satan can quickly hook you if you do not stand on the firm foundation of God’s Word. Consider how tolerance, acceptance, and inclusion have been twisted to serve evil and confusion. You are intolerant if you accept God’s definition of sin and sinful lifestyles.

Archbishop Chaput eloquently stated Satan’s process –

“Evil preaches tolerance until it is dominant. Then it tries to silence good.”

Because of the confusion, the secular culture shapes the Church instead of God’s Word.

Culture and the world do a horrible job of defining REAL men and women because they refuse to acknowledge the truth. Everything then becomes subjective, which Satan wants since his strategy involves confusion and doubt.

So, REAL men and women can only be defined if you have objective standards like those in God’s Word.

Of course, the world never considers that standard because God’s definitions are “too confining” and not tolerant of other views. Yes, God’s criteria are narrow and intolerant, just like the narrow definition of gravity. Gravity does not tolerate different definitions, even if I would like to define it as giving me the ability to fly.

Alternate definitions of men and women do not display the consequences as immediately as with gravity – the sudden stop of my body when hitting the ground after jumping from a four-story building is very real whether I defined it differently or not. Therefore, the world’s false definitions linger. Even when exposed as wrong, the consequences are explained away with other lies and confusion.

Unclear definitions and structures provide fertile soil for chaos and confusion. Satan wants this confusion because he opposes all God is and says, particularly the display of God’s image in men and women. Confusion about gender distorts the image of God (Separate and Belonging or Powerful and Relational), which He placed in man and woman. Satan does not want you to understand that men and women are fundamentally different.

The Powerful design of man gets distorted by exaggerating it to be like James Bond, who is powerful over men and women. The power over women is displayed in his sexual exploits, which use women rather than protects them. The powerful design becomes destructive as opposed to constructive and protective. Or the distortion understates the powerful design and demands that men be more relational, sensitive, and in touch with their “feminine” side.

The world also distorts the Relational design of women. It is exaggerated in the form of being sexy, alluring, and seductive. It takes a woman's excellent relational qualities and beauty and distorts them to be destructive rather than supportive. The porn industry understands the power of distorting the design of a woman. Or a woman is told she is to be “busting the glass ceiling” and stop devaluing themselves by staying home and “wiping snotty noses.” It is interesting to see how the relational and the powerful are blended in many fictional heroines. The distortion becomes something like Wonder Woman or Zena – the Warrior Princess – these imaginary women are not only sexy and alluring but can also destroy the bad guys.

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