Pay It FORWARD Explanation

Courses Are 100% FREE

and you can PAY IT FORWARD

We decided to trust the Lord and make all GR8 Relationships resources available…to everyone…Free! Now anyone can benefit from the life-changing material that GR8 Relationships offers.

Why did we make it free?

We’d love for at least a million people to find Freedom in their relationships. Wouldn’t that be great for the Church, marriages, and homes? But, most people worldwide can’t afford to pay or choose not to.

And we’re perfectly fine with that.

However, to get there, we need help. If you receive any benefit, you can choose to Pay It Forward. Your Pay It Forward is a tax-deductible donation because GR8 Relationships is a 501(c)(3) organization.

Paying It Forward goes toward the costs of streaming our podcasts, marketing our programs, foreign language translations (our TV Shows' subtitles are in English, Portuguese, and some in Spanish!), and training, seminars, or individual sessions--all the things we need to make GR8 Relationships courses available. But most important, it keeps it free for others.

Any contribution you make helps. $10 allows one person to start finding Freedom. And if you will, consider making it a monthly donation, which will help so many more!

Pursuing Their Best…freedom in relationships starts today!

Who could you bless today when you Pay It FORWARD?

GR8 Relationships is exempt from Federal Income Tax as a non-profit entity under Section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code. We have not provided you with any goods or services in exchange for this contribution. Please keep this as part of your records. This is an important record for any available federal income tax deduction of this contribution. We have provided you with intangible religious benefits only, and as appropriate to the tenant of our faith and practice, only incidental tangible benefits. Tax I.D. # 91-1409522

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