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Painful Problem for Women

The painful problem for women is mostly unknown. This problem for women isn't a secret and it's not hidden, but men and women don't know about it. It is part of the curses or judgments that God declared on mankind after Adam and Eve sinned. 

Even worse, people do not understand that it impacts their life RIGHT NOW. This isn't something that just happened to Adam and Eve. These curses impact ALL men and ALL women. That means each day of their life, they don't understand the underlying foundation of their frustrations. 

God declared a JUDGMENT for men also, so God was equally just with both Adam and Eve as well as all men and women. Click here to read about the "Painful Problem for Men".

Painful Problem for Women

To the woman He said, "I will greatly multiply your sorrow and your conception; in pain you shall bring forth children; your desire shall be for your husband, and he shall rule over you." -- Genesis 3:16

When women understand the curse in Genesis 3:16, they often state that it represents their life! That is absolutely true, because it is one part of the consequence of the sin of Adam and Eve that has been passed along to all women.

Let me explain very briefly how the "painful problem for women" is detailed in God's Word.

The Theme

Read the Genesis 3:16 above and note

  • - the first two phrases are about children
  • - the next two phrases are about the husband. 

The clear theme of of that verse is about relationships, particularly in the family.

A simple paraphrase could be "Your relationships with your children and your husband will be painful and unfulfilling."

Some women say, "That's awful!"

Yes, it is. Why? It's a consequence of sin! You will understand how much worse it is when see the connection between the judgment and the woman's design. Check out course 02 - Divine Design of Men and Women so that you can understand the design and see the critical connection. 

Three Elements

First, it will be painful to have and to raise children. The pain is not only in the conception, but the implication is that it will continue through their life.

Second, the desire for the husband creates a problem. There are two basic interpretations of "desire". One view is the wife craves a relationship with him so much that she would do anything.

Others state that it is a matter of the wife wanting to control the husband. Without getting into the details, the second view fits the word usage best, but in reality, it doesn't matter. Why? The first view will likely result in manipulation, the wife is working stealthily to get her way, and the second view results in domination.

Whether manipulating or dominating, the end result is control which is one of the key issues creating the painful problem for women.

Third, the husband participates in the woman's judgment "...and he will rule over you."

Again, two views are held. First, this is just a re-establishment of man as the authority. Second, man will abuse his authority and mistreat his wife.

Both have merit, but the second fits the context better, because it is a judgment and the word "rule" implies harshness.

So, women have a judgment on them stating that not only will they have pain with their children, they will have pain in their relationship with their husband, some of the pain created by them and some created by the husband.


The painful problem for women is ugly news. Additionally, it is easy to recognize the reality of it in life. While the judgment focuses on the family relationships, it broadly applies to all of a woman's relationships. The judgment creates a path of least resistance to relationship problems, which hurts a woman at her very core.

The good news, God has a solution. He always provides a way out and the answer lies in following His prescription and the design of a woman.

Take some time to look at the man's judgment. ​Click here to see the "Painful Problem for Men". Again, it is unknown and yet impacts every man in the world!

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