Control People Believe Others Won’t Change

Control People

Control people believe people won’t change, so they try to control other people to get them to change. That means you relate to others as a “Dictator” making a classic relationship mistake. Control people believe if they aren’t dictating and requiring change in other people’s lives, those people will never change, or worse, they will die lonely and sad.


ACTOR Relationship Mistake – The Lies Liars Believe

Actor Relationship Mistake

The problem of deceit, lying, and performance is that it is not real. This form of selfishness and making it all about “ME!” is a way to protect ourselves from pain by controlling what others know about us. It is like a game of hiding and others try to seek us, but we never let them find us.


REAL Relationships Don’t Wear “Masks”

REAL Relationships Don't Wear Masks

If you are an “Actor”, you often believe that others will not like or accept you if you are just you. So, you develop an “Actor” persona or skill that masks who you are and presents what you want others to see instead.


Forgiveness Frees You From Pain

Forgiveness frees you from pain

The wrongs done to you in the past will be controlling you today unless you understand and apply the power of God’s amazing tool of forgiveness. Without forgiveness you will become bitter, resentful and vengeful.