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The PROBLEM In Every Relationship

The PROBLEM in Every Relationship

The PROBLEM in every relationship creates unnecessary, but inevitable suffering, because the biggest, most common relationship PROBLEM is – you are flashing your ME!


What About Remarriage?

What about remarriage

Deborah was back in church growing in the Lord and learning about marriage and relationships. So, it is no surprise that she would wonder if marriage would be part of her future.


A New Blended Family Structure

New Blended Family Structure

There is nothing simple about a blended family or the effort that will be needed to make it work well. The “exes” are two extra people that are added to a basic family structure and, those people may be working against the new family.


Only Two Ways to Live! Which Path Are You On?

When you look at the basics of God’s Word, He outlines two choices for everyone. That means, God says there are only two ways to live!  Either you pursue a life that reaps blessings or you pursue a life that reaps curses (Deuteronomy 11:26-28). You either pursue righteousness or unrighteousness (Romans 6:13). There is NO OTHER […]