Confession and Dealing with Real Guilt

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Real guilt is a gift of God to turn you from further sin and consequences. God uses real guilt to bring you to repentance and experience His forgiveness. It is a marvelous gift from a loving PERFECT Father God to check your course and change your path.

When speaking about false guilt, there were references to your feelings. While feelings will be part of real guilt, they are much less critical. Why? Real guilt is a condition or a position you have in relation to God and His standards. Real guilt is objective, and it reminds you that you…

  1.  …have stepped beyond God’s boundaries 
  2.  …are no longer walking with God
  3.  …need to check our course and adjust your sail
  4.  …need to repent and confess
  5.  …need forgiveness from a merciful and Holy God 

So, to help you clearly understand how to deal with real guilt, here are some detailed steps that spell CONFESS. All the steps are necessary, primarily to help you understand confession. There are seven steps in 3 phases – Preparation, Application, and Thanksgiving.


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