Freedom Can Be Responsible or Irresponsible

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When responsible with your freedom, you see others as having their own choices. It does not mean you like or even put up with those choices, but you know the reality is they can choose whatever they want. And, whatever their choice, good or bad, it does not drive you to try to make them change. You may offer other thoughts and ideas for them to consider, tell them the pros and cons of their choice, let them experience the consequences of bad choices, and help them recover if they want your help.

That may sound like you are disconnected from other people. In a sense, that is true. You are disconnected from their behavior controlling your thoughts about them, but not from your desire to hope, pray, and encourage them to better behavior and choices. In fact, you may even exhort and rebuke them, but be careful to be walking in the Spirit otherwise there is a huge tendency to sin.


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