Reflecting and Distorting God’s Image

Reflecting and distorting God's image is an everyday occurrence for mankind. And Satan wants you to be distorting God's image. Since Satan is the author of confusion, what would he want you to be most confused about? My speculation is that he does not want you to be clear about who God is. Satan wants your thinking to be fuzzy and distorted about how God thinks, feels, and acts. That includes a lack of clarity about His image. If he can create doubt in your mind about the true nature of God, then you are much more vulnerable to temptation. The evidence of that statement is in Genesis 3.

Living as God desires means that you are reflecting, however minutely, the image of God. Though you are fallen and a sinful creature, God’s image is ingrained in your design and cannot be completely hidden. Sometimes you reflect it in ways which are surprisingly true. Other times, you distort it badly, causing more harm than you know.

The image of God has much broader application and implications than you might think. It is an integral part of everyday life. Any relationship, be it business or personal, formal or informal, or long-term or short-term, will have a power element and a relational element involved. In fact, God’s image is seen everywhere, so long as you look for it.

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