Tools for Better Thinking

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There are 3 simple tools you can use to have better thinking. The first tool helps you when a situation stimulates your emotions in some way. For example, a near miss collision with another car, hearing lies about you, or being tempted to sin. Whatever it is, something happens, and feelings are stimulated. At that moment, you have a choice, but you may not realize it. Follow your emotions, the same as following your sin nature and bad thinking or follow the Spirit. Too often, a choice is never considered, there is only a reaction to the situation.

The second tool helps you when you do not have time to think and weigh your options. If you do not use this tool, you tend to react and respond. But it is worse than you think. Depending on the situation, what you think you value can easily be pushed aside depending on the temptation at hand. For example, research shows that men who select good values toward women, then are shown pornographic images of women, will then select lower, immoral, and even illegal actions toward women as they view those images.

Finally, the third tool helps you have clear thinking and remove confusion which is not natural to most people. It is especially challenging when you are emotional or when you assume absolutes do not exist. When you use Digital Thinking or Opposites, a technique taught by Robert Fritz, it helps you create clarity and focus.


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