Freedom and the Highest Value

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Freedom and the highest value are two of the dearest principles for relationships. Freedom is critical but not the most essential value. Relationships will suffer from irresponsible freedom if freedom is not placed below another value.

Consider gravity. Like freedom, gravity is subject to at least one higher principle because heavy planes can fly. How is it that giant passenger and cargo planes, some weighing more than 600 tons, can fly when gravity is real? How is it that birds fly when gravity is real? There is a higher principle or law, Bernoulli’s principle, which creates a lift force on an airfoil when energy is applied to it.

Freedom and the highest value are related, just like gravity and Bernoulli's principle.

Your freedom is subject to the highest value – LOVE, especially when other people are involved. Love – “pursues the best for others; patiently, kindly, sacrificially, and unconditionally.”

Our dear friend, Victoria Printz, once shared a profound insight, “In the realm of relationships, love reigns supreme over freedom.” She made it memorable by stating, "Love trumps freedom every time! That simple yet powerful statement encapsulates the essence of our argument. Love not only surpasses freedom in importance, but it also ensures the responsible and beneficial use of freedom.


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