Eight Ways to Become Patient (Love NOTS)

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If you numbered the items in the 1 Corinthians 13:4-7 list, items 3 - 10 could be placed under long-suffering or patient. Each is negatively stated and uses "does not" or "no." Consider those as eight specific ways that love is patient or eight ways you can be patient.

  • Does NOT envy
  • Does NOT parade itself
  • Is NOT puffed up
  • Does NOT behave rudely
  • Does NOT seek its own
  • Is NOT provoked
  • Thinks NO evil
  • Does NOT rejoice in evil 

Just reading the list is hard, and doing it seems impossible! Of course, the doing can only be achieved by the work of the Holy Spirit living the life of Christ through you.


love does not boast, love does not envy, love does not make everything about ME, love does not take me-time, love does not think evil thoughts, love does not tolerate evil, love is not provoked, love is not rude, love is not self-seeking, love serve others, TV0062

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