Godly Authority Encourages Freedom

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When the word “authority” is used, it can mean… 

  • Demand justification or evidence 
  • State that a person has expert abilities and knowledge 
  • Demonstrate power to decide 
  • Grant freedom for others to act 

Even though each of those definitions is positive, do you view authority as positive? For most people, the answer is no. Authority is constantly misused, creating an image of harshness or abuse. It is also misused when seen as a person, meaning the person in charge. Finally, it is misused when someone with authority minimizes everyone’s freedom except their own. 

That is the behavior of most dictators around the world. They misuse the authority they have been given by God (Romans 13) and assume they are the authority. But they, like you, are not the authority. You, like Paul, are only a channel or steward of the authority given by God.

You, as a leader, are only a channel of authority, a steward of the authority God has given you. There is no other authority other than God. But God uses good and bad people as channels of His authority in the world.


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