Transformation – Three Promises and One Warning

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The eight steps to transformation are followed by three promises and one warning. The one warning is a great daily reminder for all believers.

Promise 1 – Not barren or unfruitful (v8) 

God promises that if you do these steps, you will not be barren or unfruitful in the most critical knowledge you could ever need – knowledge of Jesus Christ. The more you follow these steps, the more you will know about the virtues of Jesus Christ, providing the ability to really know how life works.

This means that you see the fruit of the promises Peter stated earlier in verses 2 through 4. You are becoming more like Christ as you take these steps and, therefore, experience the exceedingly precious promises, participate in the divine nature, and escape the corruption in this world.

Your flesh will not care about those things, but your eternity will be influenced, even shaped, by those things. Following these steps does impact your eternity, not whether you will be with the Lord, but how you will reign with Him. This is a great start for the three promises and one warning.

Warning – Blind, you forgot you have been forgiven (v9) 

But, if you do not do these steps, there is a warning. You are blind and have forgotten what Jesus did for you, providing you with the precious gift of life. Jesus provided you with a new life. He forgave your sins and adopted you into His family. Blindness and not seeing clearly occur when you’re focused on temporal, not eternal, things. When you read God’s Word and reflect on how REAL eternity is, then you become more thankful for the amazing gift God has given.

What a horrendous thought that anyone should forget the gift of life provided by God. You can say you have not forgotten, but your actions may tell a different story. If you are not following the eight steps for transformation, you will likely have forgotten.

Since there are three promises and one warning, is it best to pay attention to the warning or the promises? Something to think about.

Promise 2 – You will not stumble (v10) 

Before the next promise is given, your choice and responsibility are emphasized, just like in verse 5 before telling you the eight steps. Be diligent; be as drastic as necessary to do these things because that means you are acting like a child of THE King. You were called to be His child; now be diligent to live like that.

But the reason to do this is not just because you are a child of THE King, but this fantastic promise that you will not stumble. Doing these steps will prevent stumbling. Wow! When you diligently apply the steps from faith to love for each virtue God desires in your life, you will understand life and Godliness that keeps you from falling into the traps Satan puts in your path. You will be standing in the knowledge of Jesus, sure of your eternal and temporal salvation! 

Promise 3 – An abundant entrance into the Kingdom (v11) 

Not only does God prevent you from stumbling, but applying these steps means an abundant entrance into the Kingdom. Above, in verse 5, the same word is used. Remember the word that referred to the person who lavishly supplied the Greek chorus with everything they needed to put on the Greek plays? Now, God tells you He will lavishly supply you with an entrance into His Kingdom when you live your life using these steps.

The difference in the entrance to the kingdom might be like my arrival at the airport in my hometown of Midland, Texas, compared to the President of the United States' arrival in Midland. When I get off the plane, no one is welcoming me. If the President comes, there are dignitaries, bands, and everything else to let him know how pleased Midland is to have him there.

Will your arrival be “come on in?” Hopefully, it will be “WELL DONE GOOD AND FAITHFUL SERVANT, it is so great to have you here!” Maybe the three promises and one warning will be what you need to be that good and faithful servant!


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