The Significant Differences of Men and Women

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The stereotypical differences between men and women are numerous. For instance, in one cartoon, a man and woman are shown separately looking at themselves in a mirror. The woman is shapely and thin but sees a reflection of a woman that is much larger. Of course, she is frowning unhappily. The man, on the other side of the cartoon, confidently admires the muscled, lean, and handsome figure he sees in the mirror, clueless that his real body is substantially overweight and rather unsightly.

But are men and women really different? Perhaps you are convinced of this fact and want to know more. Or, perhaps you think the differences are minor and that our modern age is helping move us past the artificially constructed differences that were created in the past.

Well, whatever you think about the topic this video provides simple, clear information to help you decide which is most likely.


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