Without This Tool, Relationships Become INTOLERABLE

Without understanding freedom and control, relationships become intolerable. Freedom is tricky, especially in how it works in relationships. Without freedom in a relationship, you will never know if someone is relating to you simply because they want to.

A good working definition of freedom is "Acting without force or manipulation or acting without controlling or being controlled."  Go through this course for more information - "Freedom and Choice Is An Amazing Lifestyle."

Requires Wisdom and Patience

Imagine a large dog trotting eagerly toward the house, tongue hanging out of his mouth, anticipating dinner. He has been out chasing rabbits and has worked up quite an appetite.

But as he approaches the porch where his food bowl sits, he slows to a halt.

He sees a black-and-white-striped creature with a fluffy tail eating his food! There it is, munching away, thieving nose buried deep in the bowl. The dog slowly comes nearer, careful not to disturb the little thief. The food is tantalizingly near. He can smell it – he can even see crumbs flying out of the bowl.

He is five times bigger than the skunk and could make it leave, but he does not. Why? Because he is a wise and patient dog and knows it is best to leave the skunk alone. Even though he could whip the skunk in a fight, it is not worth putting up with the smell!

The same is true with freedom in relationships. When someone does not act the way you want, manipulating or dominating to get them to change seems like the right thing. But that is the unwise, impatient path that leaves a lingering “smell.”

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