Forgiveness Is NOT Reconciliation

Forgiveness is not linked to reconciliation. While forgiveness is so good for you, it gets derailed when you combine it with reconciliation or anything else. If you think you must reconcile, it may stop you from forgiving. Forgiveness stands alone as a separate principle that does not require other actions and requirements. Satan wants you to link it to something else so that you will not be following Jesus' example and Godly principles for the abundant life you have (2 Peter 1:3).

Restoration is necessary for marriages and families to be healthy, but sometimes, it may be impossible or damaging. For example, a husband may still be abusive and a drug addict. A business associate or partner may still be dishonest and illegal in business practices and life. A friend may still try to abuse your kindness and generosity.

When you link anything to forgiveness, you hinder your freedom from that event in your past. Unforgiveness is a terrible place to be and has severe consequences. Please do not let a lousy definition of forgiveness keep you from the freedom, joy, and peace God has for you.

Please listen to this podcast to hear how reconciliation is entirely separate from forgiveness.

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