Is God Free?

Is God free? How you act in your circumstances or with people who treat you poorly shows if you believe He is free. It is easy to blame life, circumstances, and people when things are not going well.

Unfortunately, the blame often goes all the way to God! That typically means you may believe that God is not free to operate in His creation and in whatever way is best for you, and His definition of best is the right one.

Living in freedom is not a passive acceptance or apathy but a powerful liberation. It's about embracing the reality that God is free to do anything He desires with you. Jeremiah Burroughs refers to this as the passive form of worship in his book The Rare Jewel of Christian Contentment. It's about finding contentment in whatever circumstances God has allowed in your life, not because you are resigned, but because you recognize that He is God, and you are not.

God  Cares

While God does provide you freedom, He is not indifferent. He is deeply invested in shaping you into the image of Christ. So, He will strategically place things in your life to give you the best opportunity for spiritual growth and maturity. This is not a random process, but a carefully orchestrated plan that you can trust in.

Some things He does will not feel good. You see God as free when you do not complain about those things. When you gripe and complain about what He is doing, you want to limit God’s freedom, expressing your freedom instead. You are self-sufficient instead of trusting God. You trust in your meagerness rather than the complete perfection of a loving Father.

Be Thankful

Reality is your friend, but it is often tough to accept. You know the truth—God is free to do whatever He wants. We do not trust that His freedom is best for us.

A better alternative is to be thankful because His wants and ways are always perfect.

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