Damage to Relationships and Marriages

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The damage to relationships and marriages is significant now, but was it worse in the days that the Apostle Paul lived?

Most people have a significant misconception about marriage in Jesus’ and Paul’s time. After you see this video, you will know because you will learn how the Jews, Greeks, and Romans viewed marriage. It may surprise you.

Satan wants your focus on what other people are supposed to do. He wants wives complaining about husbands and husbands complaining about wives. God does not measure your behavior against theirs – He measures YOUR behavior against His desire for you!

Time to stop looking at them and ask yourself, “Am I doing what God asked me to do?”

But that is not the only reason to look at Ephesians 5:22-33. Yes, those verses are critical for a great marriage, and you see the verses differently when you hear what marriage was like when Paul wrote those verses. It is 30 or fewer years since Jesus died on the cross, and Paul says something to husbands and wives that they had never heard before!


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