Are You Actually God-like?

Image of God

The image of God is the foundation for understanding men and women’s design. The difficulty is the image of God is seldom associated with how men and women are designed.


Can You? Will You? When?

Suppose that you had been talking with someone about forgiveness – you have gone through the 7 steps and now it is time for them to make a choice.


Do I Have To?

You can easily turn good promises, goals and commitments into obligations when you start thinking you have no freedom and choice – and most often it becomes harder to do.


Can You “Fall In Love”?

She Does Not Love Me

If someone asked you, “Do you love me?”, what are they asking? Are they asking if you have “fallen in love” with them? Are they wondering if you have “fallen out of love” with them?


Should I Do What They Asked?

What if I am being abused? What if I am asked to participate in something that is illegal? What if I am asked to do something that is obvious sin? What if they are… (gambling, drinking, pornography…), am I supposed to submit to that type of person?