iStartStrong – Your Career and Job Preferences

Career and Job Interests and Themes

Discover Career and Job Preferences!

  • Identify and pursue a career path that aligns with your interests and personality
  • Get clear and straightforward information that can be used even if time is limited with your coach
  • Receive valuable career and job information that extends well beyond your coaching session
  • Obtain a user-friendly, personalized, and interactive report in the form of a PDF that has links to other valuable resources
  • Get a self-service report that is easy to understand and interpret

The iStartStrong is $30 per person. You get the Report (8 pages) listing your top five specific interests with six occupations for each of the five. This assessment is better when combined with the Kolbe Index. The iStartStrong shows what jobs/careers you like or prefer, while the Kolbe Index tells you if your strengths fit the job/career. If you want Hermann to review your results with you, there is an additional $125 per person fee for a personal 30-minute review. 

Start Charting Your Plan of Action

Designed to be a self-service report, the iStartStrong Report puts self-discovery into the hands of anyone seeking career direction, reentering the workplace, or seeking more satisfying work within an organization. Based on results from the world’s most respected career assessment tool, the Strong Interest Inventory® assessment, this personalized report paints a picture of how one’s interests and themes link to various jobs, work settings, and career fields. Use it to expand your career options and chart a plan of action toward finding a fulfilling career.

Why It's Popular

  • The report is based on scores from the 291 Strong Career Assessment items and presents six prioritized General Themes
  • Interest results contain hyperlinks to O*NET™ database Web pages with specific information about occupations for easy research
  • Colorful imagery and graphics, as well as detailed narratives, make the results easy to understand
  • Results are available instantly through, and each client receives an interactive PDF report
  • Report is authored by leading career expert Judith Grutter

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