Four Promises from Great Leaders

Everyone leads in some area of their life. There are four promises from great leaders that help them and everyone with them get things done. These promises make the difference between a good and a great leader.

Passion - I will passionately pursue THERE as a servant leader.

  • I will focus on serving rather than being served
  • I will focus on WE, not ME
  • I will value people, not just results
  • I will develop people
  • I will be an example of self-governance

Principle - I will consistently practice the Results AND Relating principle

  • I will apply the two primary elements of interpersonal relations 1) A Power element; “Do it this way,” “Results are important,” and 2) a Belonging element; “Let’s get along,” “People are important.”
  • I will evaluate each situation’s need for results and relating
  • I will use the proper proportion of each for each situation
  • I will communicate that both elements are needed for success because “people get results.”

Process - I will constantly teach and apply THP (THERE, HERE, PATH).

  • I will establish THERE, where we are going, AND identify HERE, where we are now – both are critical
  • I will help the organization determine the right actions – PATH – to move from HERE to THERE
  • I will regularly communicate both THERE and HERE so the difference between them creates motivation
  • I will recognize effort and results as we move closer to THERE

Priority - I will focus daily on 3 Priorities – Self-governance, Clear Expectations, and Clear Consequences

  • I will pursue self-governance and encourage, instruct, and help others become self-governing
  • I will practice and teach the Freedom “V” Principle; increase freedom as self-governance grows
  • I will set and help develop clear expectations or goals for myself and each person to enhance self-governance
  • I will establish clear consequences for stepping beyond boundaries and apply them when required

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