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Did You Know?

  • You have a big PROBLEM that will destroy your relationships?
  • God has provided a simple and clear SOLUTION to the PROBLEM?
  • The two BEST relationship tools are largely ignored
  • There are two judgments that hurt marriages and relationships
  • Men and women are designed to be complimentary not conflicting?
  • Most people try to control their relationships believing that will make them happy
  • Without freedom a relationship will become intolerable

The PROBLEM Destroys ALL Relationships

You’re probably aware of the PROBLEM, but don’t think it’s a problem. That’s what happened to Hermann and Louie and why it almost DESTROYED their marriage! The PROBLEM created other blind spots which damaged not only their marriage, but all of their relationships. Trust them, you have the same PROBLEM!

The SOLUTION Promotes GREAT Relationships

Some people see the SOLUTION as simple but not easy. Actually, we see it as both simple and easy. When you know the SOLUTION, you start implementing other GREAT relationship enhancements like freedom from bitterness, freedom from guilt, designs of men and women, the image of God, mutual submission and leadership.

The SOLUTION Pursues the BEST Relationships

Pursue the BEST for Others: You can stop FLASHING your ME and start loving (pursuing the best for) others. You have been made into a new creature by Christ’s life in you. It’s time to choose the power of the Holy Spirit to live that new life—we can help!

Move out of the past: The past controls us in two powerful ways. When we sin against someone and when others sin against us. God provided two powerful relationship tools to deal with each of those situations. It’s time to stop letting the past control you—we can help!

Live in Freedom: God designed us to be free, yet we are constantly controlled by others and trying to control them. Jesus Christ died to provide us freedom, but we continue to be slaves to our sin nature leading to bad thinking, bad emotions and bad actions. It’s time to choose a lifestyle of freedom—a want to not a have to lifestyle—we can help!

How Will You Benefit?

We strive to provide biblically based, authoritative relationship training that honors and glorifies God and helps you create superior relationships. By participating in our live workshops, online videos and eBooks, or small group studies, we pray and hope that

  • You will learn how to have REAL relationships without demands, control or regrets
  • You will be inspired and equipped for relational excellence
  • You will receive Biblically based teachings and insights NOT well meaning babble
  • You will enhance your ability to participate in and attract superior relationships
  • GR8 Relationships changes lives because the principles and insights are Proven, Practical and Powerful.

Proven: GR8 Relationships will equip you with solid Biblical fundamentals to create REAL relationships that have no demands, control or regrets. Not faddish or based on psycho-fluff. You will learn THE problem and THE solution for relationships. That’s a powerful claim, but it is straight from God’s Word!

Practical: GR8 Relationships are actually straightforward, even simple! Too many people are seduced by the myth that relationships are complex, difficult to understand and seldom done correctly. If relationships work, it’s somehow just luck. After all, that’s why we need so many psychologists and counselors, right? There truly is a simple problem and a simple solution.

Powerful: GR8 Relationships is solution oriented, providing you powerful insights to rethink how you relate to others. You will see the power of freedom, acting without force or manipulation toward others. That alone will add energy to your life. You will see the power of forgiveness, getting over the past and the control the past and others have on you. And you will see the power of love, seeking the best for others, patiently, kindly, sacrificially and unconditionally.

Who is it for?

GR8 Relationships has impacted High School, College, Single, Seniors, Divorced, Good and Struggling Marriages. It doesn’t matter whether you are pre-married, a struggling single or couple, or someone desiring God's best in relationships — GR8 Relationships can provide you the critical principles, insights and tools to develop superior relationships.

When God’s principles are applied, they work for any relationship. The PROBLEM and SOLUTION applies to all relationships. In fact, many of these principles are taught in our GR8 Leaders training.

The marriage relationship is uniquely covered, because it is such a gift from God, when done His way. Unfortunately, people don’t see how great marriage is, because of their selfish motives and actions. And, that same reason is why all relationships become difficult, complex and unfulfilling.