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What Damages Relationships? (Book 5)

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Recognizing Our Own Faults

Everyone loves to play the blame game. We point at the other person in the relationship as the problem. They must change their behavior and attitude—it’s not our fault there are relational wounds and scars.

However, Romans 2:1 would disagree. It says, “You, therefore, have no excuse, you who pass judgment on someone else, for at whatever point you judge another, you are condemning yourself, because you who pass judgment do the same things.”

What if, instead of looking across the table at the other person to find fault, we looked in the mirror? What if we turned off the flashing “ME” light and sought reconciliation rather than casting judgment?

Join the GR8 Relationships ministry in What Damages Relationships to examine how to understand the battle between designs and judgments in our relationships and how it contrasts with God’s perfect solution for healthy and fulfilling relationships.

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What damages relationships?

Relationships become complex because of the Flashing ME. The Flashing ME describes a focus on your ME, which is always looking to fulfill what you want and the way you want it rather than focusing on the highest and best for someone else.

Relationships are further complicated because of the judgments God placed on men and women. In this book, you will see how the Flashing ME and the judgments demand different behavior for men and women. Since men are designed to work with the role of provider, protector, and preserver and women are designed to relate with the role of helper, nurturer, and supporter, the Flashing ME shows up in different ways.

The good news – when you focus on what God asks of you, you stop participating in your judgment!

This is Book 5 in an 8-book series. At GR8 Relationships, we are on a mission to help a million people find Freedom in relationships! Each book will help you learn how to pursue their best and gain freedom in your relationships. We hope you join this journey to Freedom.