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The Solution (Book 8)

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Just the way you are

The American Reformed theologian and radio broadcast host R.C. Sproul once said, “The heart of a relationship is to know others for who they are and still value, accept, and love them.”

It’s very easy to focus on one another’s faults and flaws when it comes to our relationships. Similar to the verse in Matthew 7:3, where it alludes to us seeing the speck in someone else’s eye and ignoring the plank in our own, we often point the finger and demand the other person change in order to achieve harmony in the relationship.

However, in a Christ-centered relationship, believers are to practice humility with one another. Instead of judging and condemning, we are to forgive, show grace, and reconcile—just as Christ did for us.

Join the GR8 Relationships ministry in The Solution, as the author illustrates what true love looks like in a Christ-centered relationship.

There’s a solution for every problem.
Even broken relationships.

Is that true? Is it possible to have a great relationship with one person?

At GR8 Relationships, we think you can. But it starts with a bit of work.

The Solution for creating GR8 Relationships starts with accurately defining great relationships. And that is what this book is all about.

Clearly, being in a relationship with someone who views the relationship differently than you can create significant pain and difficulty in the relationship. When both parties have a similar, trustworthy, and valid definition of a great relationship, a truly great relationship is more likely.

Even if you are doing everything right for a great relationship if the other person isn’t, there is still hope. You can influence their ineffective behavior by remaining focused on what God wants you to do in the relationship. More importantly, when you practice the Solution, Jesus will be pleased when He talks to you about how you related to them, despite their behavior.

In this book, we will consider the biblical direction to any relationship, and especially to a husband and wife regarding what the scripture says.

Are you ready to dive in?

Join the GR8 Relationships ministry in The Solution to understand what a truly Great Relationship is all about!

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