Two Ways To Live

You Get to Choose...
Satisfy ME or 
Glorify GOD?

Designed in God’s Image

Humans are designed in the image of God, but relying on oneself can hide or distort this design. Depending on God is required to reflect God's image. Trusting oneself leads to a self-absorbed and judgmental path while trusting God requires a deliberate choice.

Two Fundamental Questions
Everyone Faces

At some point in life, everyone must face two fundamental questions. But first, you must answer, "Do you trust God or something other than God?" When God asks this question, it's important to look towards Him for guidance and support. Trusting in God leads to the best possible outcomes.

Trust God or Trust Yourself?

If you prioritize satisfaction and trust in things other than God, you may become self-absorbed and less willing to endure short-term pain. This can lead to long-term pain and regrettable actions. On the other hand, trusting God and relying on the Holy Spirit’s fruit of self-control helps to endure pain and resist temptation. Temptation is not a sin, but acting upon it is. Trusting God's power is the only effective way to handle temptation.

What Path Will You Take?

So, which path are you on? Trusting self—leading to regrets, grief, and slavery? Or trusting God— leading to restoration, renewal, and freedom? All it requires is one Fundamental Decision. Read More in this tool and find the best path.

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Two Ways to Live