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Practical Tools for Enhancing Relationships

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  • Observational Listening
  • Creating the Relationship You Want

Observational Listening is a practical, valuable tool you can learn to help all of your relationships. This skill is so powerful, because it is about “seeing” what people are saying. Anyone can start learning the basics, but like any skill, you will need a lot of practice. If you really want to learn how to do it, go learn from the master, Robert Fritz.

Additionally and more importantly, relationships work best when there are goals and results that both of you want to achieve. Like listening, the THP (THERE, HERE, PATH) process is a very powerful, yet simple, approach that can help you get more things done. Most people think they know how to create goals and plans, but, mostly, that is not true. While working with individuals and organizations, we see that most are Rudderless, Blind and Unfocused. Too many people are just reacting and responding to life and circumstances, because they think that is the only option. Not true!

When you use the THP process, you see more clearly that you have choices, you are objective about where you are, and you start taking actions to move from where you are to where you want to be. There is no valid reason for anyone to live a life of reacting and responding when the other more powerful option awaits – CHOOSE and CREATE. Great relationships are always associated with the CHOOSE and CREATE mindset. You may stumble into a great relationship for a while, but you will stumble right out of it soon!

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