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Freedom and Choice – An Amazing Lifestyle

You need four critical tools for great relationships. You can say they help implement the SOLUTION and, at the same time, aren’t effective without the energy of the SOLUTION. Great relationships depend on understanding how to effectively use each and every one of these critical tools. The SECOND tool helps you understand and accept that trying to control (manipulate or dominate) others, creates more energy for destroying the relationship than helping it. And, you will learn that when people are controlling, they are often doing it with good intentions, but that still leads to relationship problems.

The SECOND tool is one of the most crucial principles for any relationship, but it is easy to misapply or misunderstand. So, starting with the basics is critical. Used correctly, the tool works perfectly with love. Misused, it ignores love. It can transform your emotions for any action from dread to doing, maybe even delightful doing. That is the benefit of this outstanding tool.

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