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The SOLUTION’S Most Critical Tools

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  • Freedom from Being Emotion Led
  • Freedom and Choice
  • Freedom from Bitterness, Resentments and Grudges
  • Freedom from Guilt

Choosing the SOLUTION is absolutely essential for a great relationship. And, God has provided you some outstanding tools to use to maintain the great relationship that the SOLUTION will create. You need four critical tools and these tools work perfectly with the SOLUTION. You can say they help implement the SOLUTION and, at the same time, aren’t effective without the energy of the SOLUTION. Great relationships depend on understanding how to effectively use each and every one of these critical tools…

  • Truth and Reality
  • Freedom and Choice
  • Forgiveness
  • Confession

If you consistently applied the last two, you will be so far ahead of most people, because those allow you to let the past be over and move on. Unfortunately, most people won’t do those last two, because they do not understand the first two. You can be different and learn how to maintain great relationships by using ALL FOUR!

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