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Divine Judgments for Men and Women

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  • The Unknown Judgment for Women
  • The Unknown Judgment for Men
  • The Battle Between Designs and Judgments

While most people that have been in church know about the Garden of Eden and the sin, few could do much more than tell you any more than that. There are clear judgments that God put on both man and woman right there in Genesis 3. And, the judgments are real, impact every man and woman on the face of the earth, but are basically unknown. Once you know and understand these judgments and how they work, you will see them in operation in your life and those around you, especially when not walking with the Lord. What is so amazing, you will see how perfect the judgments are and how they will control your life if you do not follow how God has asked men and women to live. They are established by a perfect God and He has provided the perfect answer. The judgments are obviously perfect in a way that will not be good for us – they create really bad relationship problems, because they are tied directly to how men and women are designed.

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