Divine Design of Men and Women

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  • God’s Design for Excellent Relationships
  • The Foundation of Our Design
  • Reflecting and Distorting God’s Image

God’s has designed men and women to complement each other and have excellent relationships. You will see His purpose for creating man and woman, what God’s design is for both man and woman and how those designs are truly complimentary. Unfortunately, most people do not know how the designs of man and woman are built on the very image of God – and that image is not what you may have heard about before. Once you see how God’s image is part of the design of man and woman, you can get a deep appreciation for how marriage is tied directly to the Image of God. Understanding the image of God will actually help you understand the entirety of life, because His image is reflected and distorted in songs, movies, religions, personality tests and even business. Multiple scriptures will be provided to show you that the image of God that is being proposed is amply supported throughout God’s Word.

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