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06 – Damage from the PROBLEM and Judgments

The PROBLEM and judgments have created severe and often irreparable damage to relationships, marriages and families. The bad news, it can get even worse. There are clear signs that our civilization is in decline when you look at the same signs that have been provided by all previous declining civilizations. As you look at the […]


05 – The PROBLEM Destroys Relationships

If you want a place to start seeing how badly we mess up relationships, this is it. You will be introduced to the PROBLEM and 4 common mistakes that cripple relationships. Bad news is, you are most likely participating in more than 1 of the mistakes. The PROBLEM creates a path of least resistance that […]


04 – Divine Judgments

While most people that have been in church know about the Garden of Eden and the sin, few could do much more than tell you any more than that. There are clear judgments that God pronounced on both man and woman that once you know them, you will see them in operation in your life […]


03 – Divine Differences and Roles

Hopefully, it will not surprise you that men and women are very different, not just different body parts. God’s design differences are real and it is extremely noticeable when you analyze the basic hormones of men and women. Those designs create a “path of least resistance” that demonstrates the very differences of men and women. […]


02 – Divine Design of Men and Women

God’s has designed men and women to complement each other and have excellent relationships. You will see His purpose for creating man and woman, what God’s design is for both man and woman and how those designs are truly complimentary. Unfortunately, most people do not know how the designs of man and woman are built […]


01 – Overview and Personal Assessment

Most important – you will see the “10 Second Summary” of the entire course. Additionally, in the “Two Ways to Live” you can see a chart that helps you not only see the two primary ways any person can live, but also, how much of the material in GR8 Relationships is related to each other. […]

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