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02C – Reflecting and Distorting God’s Image

If God’s image is as described, it should easily be seen everywhere in life – and it is! You will see how the image of God is reflected and distorted in songs, movies, religions, relationships and even in personality tests. When the right proportion of the image of God is not used in anything, it […]


02B – The Foundation of Our Design

Since man and woman are designed to be complimentary to each other, reflecting the image of God, then what is the image of God? You will learn that the image of God is the foundation to all relationships and life. When you grasp the profound picture of the image of God, you will be able […]


02A – God’s Design for Excellent Relationships

The design of anything indicates the probable best way it needs to work. For example, the design of a butter knife lets you know that it works best when used spreading soft things like room temperature butter. If you try to use it to cut harder foods or materials, you will see that it is […]


03C – REAL Women — T.O.U.G.H.

Satan doesn’t stop with his trying to confuse men, he is doing the same thing with women. The last thing Satan wants men or women to believe is they are designed in the image of God – different from each other and complimentary to each other. Additionally, the things that you may have heard about […]


03B – REAL Men Are — W.I.M.P.S.

What God says is a REAL man is vastly different from the world’s view. Satan dedicates his energy to keep men confused about what a REAL man is. Satan influence on the world and our sin nature gets men to believe that being James Bond is a REAL man. Then when you start operating that […]


03A – Men and Women Are Different – REALLY!

The differences between men and women are evident, but so many people want to act like they are the same – they just have some different body parts. Hopefully, it will not surprise you that men and women are very different. God’s design differences are real and it is extremely noticeable when you analyze the […]