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05D – The PROBLEM Creates a Bleak Future for Relationships

The PROBLEM is creating a bleak future for relationships, because the more we participate in the PROBLEM, the worse relationships will get. There are multiple reasons for relationships facing bigger obstacles as seen in 2 Timothy 3, but only 4 will be discussed. You will see that most of the education system and self-help material […]


05B – The PROBLEM’S Path of Least Resistance

The PROBLEM creates a path of least resistance that is highly destructive and it can be traced directly to the original sin in the Garden of Eden. Worse yet, the judgments are the fuel that helps the PROBLEM occur regularly in your life. You will again see two structures battling against each other – just […]


05A – The PROBLEM and 4 Mistakes That Cripple Relationships

You know that relationship difficulties happen and are inevitable. What you may not know is there is only ONE PROBLEM. Relationships are NOT complex – they are very simple when you understand the PROBLEM and the SOLUTION. Even though there is only ONE PROBLEM, there are a number of ways you help the problem happen. […]


04C – Battle Between Designs and Judgments

God designed man and woman in their specific, complimentary ways and the judgments are best understood when you relate them to the designs. What happens in daily life is man and woman have designs that will act a certain way and then there are the judgments which tend to drive different actions. The result is […]


04B – The Unknown Judgment for Man

The judgment for man was very different than the one for woman. As you start learning about it, you will begin to see why it is so different, but we cover that in the next course. You will see the theme of man’s judgment and the pain he will feel, because of Adam’s sin in […]


04A – The Unknown Judgment for Women

The judgment on woman has a specific theme and pain that is created for her, because of Eve’s sin in the Garden of Eden. And, man is a part of and plays a distinct role in the woman’s judgment, which is very evident in daily life. God’s judgment for woman is very different than man’s, […]