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12B – Creating the Relationships You Want

relationships work best when there are goals and results that both of you want to achieve. Like listening, the THP (THERE, HERE, PATH) process is a very powerful, yet simple, approach that can help you get more things done. Most people think they know how to create goals and plans, but, mostly, that is not […]


12A – Observational Listening

Observational Listening is a practical, valuable tool you can learn and it will benefit all of your relationships. This skill is so powerful, because it is about “seeing” what people are saying. Anyone can start learning the basics, but like any skill, you will need practice. If you really want to learn how to do […]


11D – Blended Families

Divorce presents enough problems by itself, but when you add the issues of blended families, you reach new heights in complication and confusion. Using the book “Old Loyalties, New Ties” by Vischer and Vischer, you will see some excellent options for dealing with blended families.


11C – Divorce Myths and Consequences

Divorce is all too common because each party is pursuing their own way rather than what is best for the other person as well as the children. The justifications used are most often myths based on feelings. Here you will find 6 myths used to justify divorce and the top 10 myths about divorce.


11B – Divorce And The Bible

Divorce needs to be discussed, not because we encourage it – we don’t, but because it is used much too often and it creates lasting damage for the couple and any children. You will learn about the Biblical approach and whether the Bible allows for divorce. You will also learn about the Bible’s view of […]


11A – Two Biggest Problems for Marriage

Marriages, like any relationship, are not complex. The complexity comes from trying to get your way instead of pursuing the best for your spouse. Common problems come up in every marriage and the two biggest problems continue to be money and sex. There are some excellent external resources available to help with both.

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