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If you were searching for GR8 Relationships, you found it! The old GR8 Relationships site had Version 1 videos and now you get higher quality and MORE videos in Version 2! The Radio Talk Show version 1 videos may be added to the site in the future, but none are in the store now. Please look around at the new site by using the menu above.

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100% of Courses Now In Store
  • Version 2 was created to cover all of the material directly as it is presented in the study guide 
  • This version may work better for individuals and small groups that want to use the videos and study guide for discussion and / or assignments
  • Version 2 is higher quality video
  • MOST IMPORTANTLY, these videos will soon include quizzes after most of them to help you retain what you are learning!


0% Courses Now In Store
  • Version 1 was created to fit a 30 minute radio show format
  • A complete radio show is made up of 3 videos, so the first 2 videos are about 10 minutes and the last video will be about 7 minutes
  • The videos will mostly track with the Study Guide but may not cover every element in it