09A- The "S" Word - Submission | GR8 Relationships

09A- The “S” Word – Submission

Most people would state that order and harmony would be good for a relationship. We believe that! Order and harmony will be part of any great relationship. But, HOW to help that happen becomes and issue, because too often, you will try to make it happen by using the PROBLEM – that obviously will not work. The best way to create order and harmony in a relationship through two capacities that are misunderstood and misapplied – leadership and submission. Submission is the least understood, because the word is inadequately defined. The bad definition creates an improper approach and use. Additionally, submission is most often considered only for women, especially in the marriage relationship. But submission is required for everyone! It makes no sense for a man to talk about submission when he does not know what it means and more importantly, when he is not practicing it in his life. Practiced God’s way, it provides protection.