Catalytic Conversations – Four Steps During Your Talk

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Below are 4 steps for the During Phase of a Catalytic Conversation. These steps are form the GR8 Leaders Moment of Truth tool. They are easy to remember and can be personalized to fit you. More importantly, they create an excellent structure for your conversation. Of course, like any tool, it requires practice to do it well.

When you share these 4 steps, you help build a culture and truth with family, friends, and fellow workers. It is great that everyone knows about the steps and that this tool is to help people grow and develop. This is not a secret tool that only you know how to use. It is a tool that everyone needs to know, even if they do not use it. By the way, it is extremely useful anywhere - home, work, and church. 

Finally, do not start the conversation without remembering what God has told us in Galatians 6:1-2 – this conversation is about following the Holy Spirit, restoration, gentleness, and love.


accountability, help people see reality, how to deal with excuses, listening and asking questions, moment of truth, sharing the truth, their responsibility to change

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