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Do I Have To?

You can easily turn good promises, goals and commitments into obligations when you start thinking you have no freedom and choice – and most often it becomes harder to do.


Should I Do What They Asked?

What if I am being abused? What if I am asked to participate in something that is illegal? What if I am asked to do something that is obvious sin? What if they are… (gambling, drinking, pornography…), am I supposed to submit to that type of person?


Blended Families Don’t Mix

There is nothing simple about a blended family or the effort that will be needed to make it work well. The “exes” are two extra people that are added to a basic family structure and, those people may be working against the new family.


What About Remarriage?

What about remarriage

Deborah was back in church growing in the Lord and learning about marriage and relationships. So, it is no surprise that she would wonder if marriage would be part of her future.


I Just Want Out of the Pain!

I want out of the pain

When in relationship pain, your thought can easily become “Just stop the pain!” Too often that means a lack of interest in God’s desire and His complete PERFECTION! Trying to get out of pain is a common theme when you hear the stories of broken marriage and families.